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Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Make Your Home Look Stunning

While most of our clients choose white or light colored cabinets, some like to embrace the dark side… of their cabinets that is. Far from looking gloomy, these rooms benefit from the darker colored cabinets. If, like these clients, you’re more partial to dark-colored kitchen cabinets, then check out these dark cabinet ideas that transformed […]

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Gray Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Gray gets a bad rap in the color world. It’s shades are often described as “dreary”, “depressing”, or just “blah”. In our experience, though, refinishing your cabinets in gray can be a great way to choose a color that is not just plain old white and which still adds contrast to your darker surfaces and […]

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Cabinet Refinishing or Painting: Which is Better?

It’s easy to think that cabinet refinishing is just like cabinet painting. After all, paint goes on the cabinets, right? The problem with that assumption is that not all paints or painters are created equal. Here’s some reasons why cabinet refinishing is better than painting. #1: Quality The number one reason to hire a cabinet […]

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Ask the Expert 5/20/2020

Carl Sanders talks: The speed of CabinetRX’s process to refinish or reface your cabinets vs. replacing your cabinets. Why just refacing or resurfacing your cabinets is important to sell your house faster. Why less time doesn’t always equal less quality. How some customers have used their insurance claims for damaged cabinets to resurface their cabinets […]

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Ask the Expert 4/9/2020

Carl Sanders talks about the basic process that CabinetRX uses to refinish or reface your kitchen. What the “factory finish” and warranty covers. Carl also covers some quick ways to add some value to your kitchen without a lot of cost.

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