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Cabinet Refinishing or Painting: Which is Better?

It’s easy to think that cabinet refinishing is just like cabinet painting. After all, paint goes on the cabinets, right? The problem with that assumption is that not all paints or painters are created equal. Here’s some reasons why cabinet refinishing is better than painting.

#1: Quality

The number one reason to hire a cabinet refinisher rather than a random painter is quality. A good cabinet refinisher, should use premium or even factory-grade paints. They should also use a spray painter, rather than a brush, as brush painting usually leaves brush marks on your cabinets. Finally, a good cabinet refinisher should use multiple coats of primer and paint. This ensures that the finish not only covers any old paint or stain, but also that it will last.

#2: Tried and Tested Procedure

The second reason cabinet refinishing is better than painting, is the procedure that is used to finish your cabinets. Anyone can slap paint on some cabinets and call it good. However, the paint on your cabinets will likely start to peel, crack, or fade. In addition to great quality paint, it’s the tried and tested procedure that a cabinet refinisher performs which makes your cabinets not only look great, but last a long time. Here’s the basic steps that should be taken. First, the cabinets must be sanded in order for the first coat of primer to effectively stick to the cabinet. Next, multiple coats of primer should be put on. Between each coat, the cabinets are sanded. Then, multiple coats of paint should be applied. Again, sanding between each coat is necessary to make sure the quality of the finish job is maintained.

#3: Beautiful and Functional

The third reason to choose a cabinet refinisher over a random painter, is that your cabinets should come out more beautiful and functional. A cabinet refinisher should use a great quality paint which doesn’t look dull. They should also know about and be able to install items such as soft-close hinges, or new door handles. The cabinets they refinish should stand the test of time and come with a guarantee or warranty. A great cabinet refinisher should also be able to suggest color ideas to you. 

And if you’re wondering whether we do all of the good stuff, mentioned above, here? We absolutely do. We also stand by our work with a workmanship guarantee for three years. If you’re interested in getting your cabinets refinished in the Des Moines, IA area, book a free in-home consultation here, or call us at (515) 250-6092.

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