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Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing Ideas

When we think of redoing our bathrooms, we often think of the tub, shower, toilet, floors, and countertops. While replacing these can make a big difference in the way it looks and how long your bathroom lasts, updating your cabinets can make just as much of an impact if not more. It will also cost you less if you stick with a refinishing over a refacing or a custom cabinetry job. 

Need some ideas for refinishing your bathroom cabinets? Check out these job photos from our customers.

White Cabinets Brighten Up a Room

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: white cabinets will brighten up a room over darker cabinets any day. That’s why so many people turn to white or even off-white colors when they are refinishing their cabinets. We love the clean look these two bathrooms get from white cabinets and other refinished items.

Don’t Discount Other Colors

When it comes to cabinets, white is in and, obviously, here to stay. Many people, though, still prefer the look of a finish that is not white. That’s when we recommend a nice neutral gray or even a darker color. Painting your cabinets a darker color doesn’t necessarily darken a room, especially when you have white or light-colored walls. Instead, it lends a nice contrast, and they don’t show smudges or dust as much as white cabinets do.

Vanities and More

When most people think about refinishing their bathroom cabinets, they think of refinishing the vanity. While that’s certainly an area to focus on, don’t forget to give some refinishing love to your other cabinets or even trim around the tub and windows. That’s what each of these bathroom owners decided to do below. Each of these jobs added refinishing touches to the tubs and other areas which helped give the room that polished look that only a great refinishing job can provide!

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