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Top 5 Cabinet Trends for 2022

Houzz, an industry-leading company that connects homeowners with resources for design and renovation, holds an annual survey of homeowners to discover details about their recent or planned kitchen remodels. We scoured this report and are reporting the top 5 cabinet trends for 2022. 

Refinishing, Refacing, or Replacing Cabinets

The first question you might have about your cabinets is whether to refinish, reface, or replace them altogether. Frequently this question is influenced by your available budget. Here’s some information on what others are doing with their kitchen remodeling budget. Though 65% of surveyed respondents in the Houzz annual survey reported that they replaced all their cabinets, 29% said that they opted for a partial cabinet upgrade. Of those partial cabinet upgrades, the top option was cabinet refinishing at 65%. In second place is “adding some cabinets” at 25%. The third top option was cabinet refacing at 23%, with replacing some cabinets quickly following in fourth at 20%. 

Top Cabinetry Colors

Choosing the right color for your cabinets is important not just to the style of your kitchen, but, also, for your overall satisfaction with your kitchen. Houzz’s annual survey uncovered the five top colors for the main cabinets in the kitchen. They also surveyed for island colors which we will cover later. Houzz reports that white is still the top color for 2022, with 41% of respondents saying they are using that color. Medium-tone wood is second at 12%, with Gray and Multicolored cabinets following closely behind in the third and fourth spots at 10% and 8% respectively.

Don’t Forget an Island Upgrade

In addition to upgrading the main cabinets in the kitchen, many people also add or upgrade an island. In fact 57% percent of those who decided to upgrade their kitchen chose one of these options over 36% who didn’t. This makes sense when you also learn that the island has become a more versatile area in our homes. We now use it for entertaining, socializing, doing work, watching TV, and reading, in addition to its normal use. 

Upgrading your island could be mean just painting or staining it, updating the doors or panels, or even adding additional cabinets or changing the configuration. If you do decide to paint or stain it, choosing a contrasting color to those of the main cabinets is a popular option with 26% reporting they chose blue, 18% reporting they chose gray, and 10% reporting that they chose black as the different color. 

Transitional Style Kitchens and Shaker Cabinets Lead the Pack

The overall style of a kitchen has long been led by trends, and this year is no different. Transitional style kitchens mixing elements from other styles such as Modern, Contemporary, or Traditional is at the top with 25% reporting they chose that option. Contemporary and Modern follow closely behind with Contemporary at 15% and Modern at 13%. Many Transitional kitchens feature Shaker-style cabinet doors, which is also the top style this year at 64%. Flat-panel (or slab) is the second type of cabinet door homeowners chose at 17% and Raised-panel closely follows in third place at 13%. 

Don’t Discount Other Ways to Upgrade Your Cabinets

When you’re thinking about upgrading your cabinets, don’t discount other elements in your kitchen such as a decorative backsplash that wraps around underneath your upper cabinets or an organizational tool like a lazy susan. 86% of those who opted for a feature upgrade in their kitchens added a backsplash, just behind countertops as the top option at 91%. When asked about organizational updates to cabinets, 39% said they were getting a lazy susan installed. This was the fourth top option reported.

Want to learn more about kitchen trends in 2022, check out the full study here

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