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Handles, Knobs, or Pulls

Your kitchen cabinets don’t look complete without a beautiful set of handles, knobs, or pulls. And we can help you complete that look and save you some time now that we sell them. 

We provide several brands, but these are the top three: 


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How Ordering Handles From Us Works

  • You find the handles that you want to order.
  • If you are already scheduled for a cabinet refinishing or refacing job with us or want to schedule a future job with us, we only need the number of the product and the quantity you want. We’ll make sure the handles are ordered, add the handles to your bill, and your installation fee will be waived as that’s already included in your cabinet refinishing or refacing job. If there is an issue with your handles getting in on time, we will reach out to let you know and provide some options.
  • If you just want us to order and install the handles, an installation fee will be added and we will need to schedule a date and time for that installation. Please keep in mind that the size of your new versus your old handles matters. If you are getting smaller or bigger handles, that will require extra work and we will discuss that extra work with you. Once you order them with us, we will send you a bill and a 50% deposit will be required before we order them from the supplier.
  • The timeframes that the handles are ready is usually pretty quick, and installation will depend on coordinating our schedules.

Ready to Choose Your Stunning New Hardware?

It just takes a few simple steps.

  1. Click on the button below to load the pdf catalog.

  2. Find the handles, knobs, or pulls you’re interested in and make note of the number of the product.

Note: There are two sets of prices in the catalog. The first price is up to the number you see right beside it. The second price is the discounted bulk price if you order more than that amount.

Catalog will open in a new tab and might take a little while to fully load as it’s a bigger file. Please be patient.

  1. Choose one of the forms below to request the handles you’re interested in. We’ll get them ordered and bill you for them.

Just Need Handles?

Fill out the form below to let us know the handles you want and the quantity.

Handle Order Form

Please enter the product number(s) and quantity for the handles, knobs, or pulls you want. Example: #A54008 ORB Total: 30

Interested in a Cabinet Refinishing or Refacing for your Kitchen or Bathroom with your New Handles?

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You’ll have a chance to put in the number for your handles on this form in a later step.

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