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Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Make Your Home Look Stunning

While most of our clients choose white or light colored cabinets, some like to embrace the dark side… of their cabinets that is. Far from looking gloomy, these rooms benefit from the darker colored cabinets. If, like these clients, you’re more partial to dark-colored kitchen cabinets, then check out these dark cabinet ideas that transformed their kitchens and bathrooms.

Dark Grays Are Nice

Dark grays are a great choice if you want dark colored cabinets. They’re neutral color can be mixed with many different choices for decor and still look great! Just check out what two of our clients did below.

This first project features a bathroom, but you can use the same design aesthetic in your kitchen. Jennifer in Ankeny chose to refinish her vanity in a dark gray which contrasts nicely with the lighter-colored elements in her bathroom.

Jennifer in Ankeny Dark Colored Cabinets

Laura in Pleasantville chose to refinish all kitchen cabinets in a dark gray that looks great against her lighter-colored counters and flooring.

Laura in Pleasantville Dark Colored Cabinets

Is Black Too Dark?

Think black is too dark for your kitchen cabinets? While we admit it can be, using it in the right space, or even strategically using it to highlight an element of a room, is a great choice. Just check out what Mindy in Ankeny’s kitchen looks like below with her island in Tricorn Black. 

Mindy in Ankeny Dark Colored Cabinets

Stained Cabinets

If you’re looking for dark cabinet ideas, you can’t discount traditional stained cabinets. This classic look can really make a kitchen feel homey and nostalgic. Stains can range in many colors, but many clients choose a darker color.

Tim in Ankeny chose stained cabinets. Combined with the colors and backsplash, this gives his kitchen a unique retro look.

Tim in Ankeny Dark Colored Cabinets

Jeff in Altoona’s lovely stained cabinets balance nicely with the white counter and tiled backsplash, evoking childhood memories of doing our homework at the kitchen table after school.

Jeff in Altoona Dark Colored Cabinets

Don’t Go All Dark

If you’re a fan of dark colors, but think that too much dark will make your kitchen feel uninviting, then we have some dark cabinet ideas for you. Check out what two of our clients did below to utilize a dark color in their spaces that doesn’t overwhelm.

Pat in Clive chose to stain just her kitchen island which works really well with the different countertop.

Pat In Clive Dark Colored Cabinets

Lisa in Grimes chose “Downing Slate” for the color of the back of her island, which makes it stand out against the lighter-colored main cabinets in her kitchen.

Lisa in Grimes Dark Colored Cabinets

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