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Our Most Popular Cabinet Color Trends of 2021 and 2022

Choosing the right color for your kitchen can be nerve-racking. Should you go with a popular trend, or strike out on your own with something truly unique? We’ve gathered statistics from our own past jobs and crunched the numbers so you can see what our customers chose. We hope this will help inspire color choices for your own cabinets.

White and Off-White Cabinets Are Still King

By far our most chosen color is various shades of white. In fact just over 55% of our customers choose to paint their cabinets a white color. That’s not surprising, as other surveys show that white cabinets account for more than 40% of recently reported cabinet colors. Many of our customers want to go with a bright white color like “Pure White” or “Extra White”. However, others choose off-whites like Alabaster, Snowbound, and Ivory Lace which are more neutral, but will still brighten up a space.

Gray Cabinets Are A Top Choice

The next top color that our customers choose is gray. Gray cabinets are a great color choice because grays pair well with many different colors. So gray cabinets can be used to contrast with other colors in a kitchen or bathroom. Grays are also a mostly neutral color, and may look different in various lighting and colors on other surfaces in the room. A little over 15% of our customers agree that gray cabinets are the way to go.

You Can Choose Two Colors

The next highest trend is to choose two colors for your cabinets. Many of our customers will go with one color on their upper cabinets (usually a white) and another color on the lower cabinets. We’ve also seen one color for the main cabinets and another color on the island or peninsula. Again, usually the color chosen for the main cabinets is a shade of white, while a contrasting color is chosen for the island or peninsula. Almost 15% of our customers choose this option.

Dark Cabinets Are on the Rise

A surprising amount (5%) of our customers choose to go with dark colored cabinets. We use this category to cover black, dark gray, dark blue, and other dark colors. Dark cabinets can make a bold statement in a kitchen or a bathroom and are often chosen as a contrast to white or light-colored walls and appliances. Dark cabinets may not brighten up a room, but they can certainly make your cabinets stand out.

Blue and Green Cabinets  

The last color trend that we see is for our customers to choose either blue or green cabinets (both at 4% of our jobs). While blue or green cabinets may not be the most popular choice, they can create a striking look for any space. Check out some of the colors our customers chose, below.

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