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Four Popular Cabinet Door Styles

When we think of cabinets we often picture what the doors look like as they are the first thing we notice about them. Cabinet door styles are usually chosen by the look of their panels, which can make your cabinets look outdated, retro, modern, or even elegant. So choosing the right one is important to achieve the look you want.

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

Shaker-style cabinet doors have a very clean look, characterized by the clean straight lines of the rectangular inset panel with either a 15 or 45-degree angle on the inside edge. This cabinet door style does not boast any curves, beveled edges, or other flourishes. Some will think these look too simple. Customers who are going for a modern-looking kitchen that shows off the color of their cabinets, handles, or knobs rather than the shape of the cabinet door panel, will love this door style. 

Lisa In Grimes - Cabinet Refacing - Shaker Style Doors - Colors: Extra White, Morning Fog
We sprayed the existing frames, we sprayed and made brand new Shaker doors and drawer fronts. The top color is Extra White, bottom color is Morning Fog and the island is Downing Slate. We installed new soft close door hinges and soft close drawer boxes. We drilled and installed new handles.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Raised panel doors are a little more decorative and boast a raised, rather than a recessed panel. They also usually include beveled edges around the outside of the panel. This type of cabinet door can give your kitchen a more traditional look without making it look outdated. Raised panel doors also look particularly good when paired with a stain rather than paint. 

Jeff in Altoona Dark Colored Cabinets

Mission Style Cabinet Doors

Mission style doors look much like Shaker style at first glance. In fact, Mission style doors still feature a recessed panel as well as a clean rectangular look. However, the inside edge features a 90 degree angle rather than 15 or 45 degrees, which can give these cabinets an even more boxlike look. Again, these doors can be too simplistic or boxy, but they can also give your kitchen a very modern look.

Sonja in Maxwell - Cabinet Refacing - Mission Style Doors - Colors: Special White, Special Gray
We sprayed the bottom frames the color Special Gray. We made all new Mission style doors and installed them will new soft close hinges. We spayed the bottom doors the color Special Gray. We sprayed the top frames and laundry room frames and doors the color Special White. We also painted the trim Special White in the kitchen, laundry room, dining room and hallway. We also drilled and installed new handles.

Glass Insert Cabinet Doors

Glass insert doors are one of the best styles that will make your kitchen feel positively elegant. They feature a glass insert instead of a wood panel. The glass can be clear, paned, frosted, etched, or stained. This gives you endless possibilities to match the color of your cabinets with just the right type of glass insert to make your cabinets look stunning. 

Sandy in Ankeny - Cabinet Refacing - Custom Glass Inserts - Color: Tone Toupe
Check out Sandy in Ankeny’s before and after photos. For this job we installed new shaker doors and drawers, soft close hinges and new handles and knobs. We also installed glass fronts on 2 of the doors, and sprayed it all with a nice Taupe finish.

Whether you choose one of these four popular cabinet door styles or something else, just remember that these are your cabinets. Pick something you will love to look at for years to come.

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