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Gray Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Gray gets a bad rap in the color world. It’s shades are often described as “dreary”, “depressing”, or just “blah”. In our experience, though, refinishing your cabinets in gray can be a great way to choose a color that is not just plain old white and which still adds contrast to your darker surfaces and appliances. Check out images from some jobs we’ve done below to see what gray can do to revolutionize your kitchen!

Light and Lovely

Far from depressing, these “Lazy Gray” cabinets make this kitchen glow with light without being an overpowering white. Lighter grays look really good against dark surfaces, but it also pairs really well with the white and gray marble countertops you see below. 

Set the Tone

These medium gray cabinets in “Software” look great against neutral walls, white trim around windows and doors, and the different grays of the backsplash. This gives the space a very inviting feel.

Medium Grays Don’t Have to be Blah

These bottom cabinets finished in “Special Gray” are far from blah. They give this kitchen a very sophisticated look as they offset the natural lighting and lighter cabinets above.

When you’re choosing the next color for your kitchen cabinets, don’t discount gray. It could be just the thing your kitchen needs to give it that fresh look!

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