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Cabinet Refinishing in Des Moines, IA

Did you know you can give your kitchen cabinets a fresh look at a fraction of the cost of replacing them? Update your cabinets the easy way by refinishing them. Find out how below.

What is Cabinet Refinishing?

It’s easy to think that cabinet refinishing in Des Moines, IA is exactly like painting. After all, the professional is applying a paint to your cabinets, right? While that is technically true, cabinet refinishing is more sophisticated and results in a finish that will last you for years to come. The difference is not only in the preparation of the wood, but also in the type of finish and tools that are used. Our finish is factory-grade, so your cabinets will look just like new. We also employ a “no brush finish” that results in a cleaner look. 

Why is Refinishing Cabinets in Des Moines, IA Cheaper than Replacing Your Cabinets?

When replacing your cabinets, you have to remove the old cabinets, then the new ones need to be installed. That’s a lot of labor, materials, and cost! When you refinish, only the doors and drawers come off. That’s not only a lot cheaper, but is also much less hassle for you. You can even leave items in your cupboards! The only thing we suggest is to take out any good china or expensive items. We will be as careful as possible, but we want to make sure those items are protected.

Happy Customers

Our Cabinet Refinishing Work

We let the work speak for itself. Check out what we have done for other customers. 

Areas We Serve

Areas where we provide Cabinet Refinishing in the Greater Des Moines, IA area:

  • Norwalk
  • Cumming
  • Booneville
  • Des Moines
  • Runnells
  • West Des Moines
  • Urbandale
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Waukee
  • Windsor Heights
  • Clive
  • Altoona
  • Mitchellville
  • Berwick
  • Johnston
  • Dallas Center
  • Grimes
  • Bondurant
  • Ankeny
  • Granger
  • Mingo
  • Elkhart
  • Polk City
  • Alleman
  • Bouton
  • Maxwell
  • Slater
  • Woodward
  • Sheldahl
  • Huxley
  • Cambridge
  • Madrid
  • Kelley
  • Luther

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Our Quick Process

Our combined years in the business have taught us that our customers want their cabinet refinishing in Des Moines, IA to be as efficient as possible. So we developed a 3-step process that cuts down on time and hassle.


Schedule a time for free an in-home estimate and consultation. 


During the estimate, we will talk with you about the process, your options, and even help you choose a great color!


Most cabinet refinishing in Des Moines, IA jobs take about a week. We make sure everything is taped off, so there is no mess. 

Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation!

Fill out the form below to schedule an in-home consultation and estimate. We will meet with you and discuss options for your cabinet facing in Des Moines, IA.

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