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Kitchen Cabinet Goals


Do You Want Your Cabinets to Look this Good?

Are you tired of the way your cabinets look? Did you know you can give them a fresh look without replacing and at a fraction of the cost? Update your cabinets the easy way by refinishing or refacing them. Find out how below.


What is Cabinet Refinishing?

It’s easy to think that cabinet refinishing is exactly like painting. After all, the professional is applying a paint to your cabinets, right? While that is technically true, cabinet refinishing is more sophisticated and results in a finish that will last you for years to come. The difference is not only in the preparation of the wood, including stripping off the old finish, but also in the type of paint that is used. Either way, refinishing your cabinets is much cheaper than replacing them.

Why is Refinishing or Refacing Cheaper than Replacing Your Cabinets?

When you replace your cabinets, you have to take all the cabinets out, then someone has to put the new ones in. There is a lot more labor, materials, and cost involved in replacing your cabinets. When you refinish or reface, only the doors and drawers come off. That’s not only a lot cheaper, but is also much less hassle for you. You can even leave your dishes and other items in your cupboards! The only thing we suggest is to take out any good china or expensive items. We will be as careful as possible, but we want to make sure those items are protected.

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