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What To Do To Prepare For a Resurfacing or Refacing Job

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We will be in your home for about three to five days during your scheduled job week. We will be as careful as possible in order to protect the items in your home by taping and covering those areas that may be vulnerable to paint splatters from our sprayers. However, we need your help to keep your home as beautiful as it was before we entered. 

Before We Arrive….

  • Please make sure all countertops are cleared of all items, including small appliances, dishes, and other personal items. Make sure items are off the top of cupboards (the space in between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling), and pictures and decorations are off the walls.
  • Make sure you have all items needed for the day (including food items, silverware, and dishes) removed from cabinets and drawers. Once we arrive, we will tape and cover all cabinet openings, and you will not have access to those items until we’re done.
  • If the drawer fronts come off your drawers, you do not need to remove the items. If they do not come off, please make sure your items are REMOVED AND NOT PLACED ON THE COUNTER TOPS.
  • Any items on the bottom shelf of your cabinets need to be moved back 2 inches to accommodate taping and plastic to protect the inside of your cabinets. The only time you need to fully remove the items from your cabinets, is if we’re painting the inside of them, which you must have specified to us at an earlier date. WE DO NOT NORMALLY paint inside your cabinets.
  • If you have pull-out shelves in the cabinets we are painting, we remove those completely when we prime and paint (and set them aside) as long as they don’t have too many items on them, or the items are not too heavy. Please remove the items if those shelves do have too many items, the items are heavy, or you’re worried about damage to those items.
  • We will take the utmost care as we tape off and cover to protect your items, but if you would like, you can remove any good china or expensive items from your cabinets.
  • If we are painting inside your cabinets, please make sure all shelf liners are removed. If the liner leaves a sticky residue behind, please make sure you clean it. If the liner or most of the residue is still present, this will incur an additional charge.
  • CONCERNING MOVING YOUR REFRIGERATOR: If you want the underside of the cabinets above and beside the refrigerator painted, then you must completely remove the refrigerator from the work area (i.e. the room where we are refinishing or refacing), and any connected water line or electrical cord must also be disconnected and removed from the work area. Removing the refrigerator from the area will ensure that you can still use it while we are completing the job and will allow us to spray those areas. Otherwise, we will tape it off and it will not be usable. We will also not be able to spray those areas directly against the refrigerator. At the very least, please remove any images or magnets from the fridge. If the refrigerator has been pulled out into the work area and left, we will not be able to start your job on the expected date. WE CANNOT REMOVE YOUR APPLIANCES FOR LIABILITY REASONS. YOU MUST REMOVE THEM YOURSELF.
  • If you want the decorative panels on your appliances (such as the refrigerator and dishwasher) painted, you MUST remove them yourself.
  • CONCERNING MOVING YOUR STOVE: You may also want to remove the stove if you want the sides of the cabinets around it to be painted. If you remove the stove from the work area, it must be completely removed from the work area (i.e. the room where we are refinishing or refacing). If the stove has been pulled out into the work area and left, we will not be able to start your job on the expected date. 
  • CONCERNING NEW HANDLES: We need to know BEFORE WE REMOVE YOUR DOORS TO START THE JOB as we may need to fill old holes or drill new ones.
  • Please keep all pets and small children away from the work area. Although we love both children and animals, we don’t want their prints on your cabinets as permanent reminders of their presence!
  • DO NOT SCHEDULE anyone else to work in the space we are working (i.e. Kitchen, Bathroom, etc.) during the week we are scheduled to work. If you do, then we may have to reschedule with you.
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