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Job Start Information

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Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing 

Updated 5/21/2024

Before we can start your job, you will need to review this information and sign at the bottom. You will be emailed a copy for your records once you are done.

Before We Arrive….

  • Please make sure all countertops are cleared of all items, including small appliances, dishes, and other personal items. Make sure items are off the top of cupboards (the space in between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling), and pictures and decorations are off the walls.
  • Make sure you have all items needed for the day (including food items, silverware, and dishes) removed from cabinets and drawers. Once we arrive, we will tape and cover all cabinet openings, and you will not have access to those items until we’re done.
  • If the drawer fronts come off your drawers, you do not need to remove the items. If they do not come off, please make sure your items are REMOVED AND NOT PLACED ON THE COUNTER TOPS.
  • Any items on the bottom shelf of your cabinets need to be moved back 2 inches to accommodate taping and plastic to protect the inside of your cabinets. The only time you need to fully remove the items from your cabinets, is if we’re painting the inside of them, which you must have specified to us at an earlier date. WE DO NOT NORMALLY paint inside your cabinets.
  • If you have pull-out shelves in the cabinets we are painting, we remove those completely when we prime and paint (and set them aside) as long as they don’t have too many items on them, or the items are not too heavy. Please remove the items if those shelves do have too many items, the items are heavy, or you’re worried about damage to those items.
  • We will take the utmost care as we tape off and cover to protect your items, but if you would like, you can remove any good china or expensive items from your cabinets.
  • If we are painting inside your cabinets, please make sure all shelf liners are removed. If the liner leaves a sticky residue behind, please make sure you clean it. If the liner or most of the residue is still present, this will incur an additional charge.
  • CONCERNING MOVING YOUR REFRIGERATOR: If you want the underside of the cabinets above and beside the refrigerator painted, then you must completely remove the refrigerator from the work area (i.e. the room where we are refinishing or refacing), and any connected water line or electrical cord must also be disconnected and removed from the work area. Removing the refrigerator from the area will ensure that you can still use it while we are completing the job and will allow us to spray those areas. Otherwise, we will tape it off and it will not be usable. We will also not be able to spray those areas directly against the refrigerator. At the very least, please remove any images or magnets from the fridge. If the refrigerator has been pulled out into the work area and left, we will not be able to start your job on the expected date. WE CANNOT REMOVE YOUR APPLIANCES FOR LIABILITY REASONS. YOU MUST REMOVE THEM YOURSELF.
  • If you want the decorative panels on your appliances (such as the refrigerator and dishwasher) painted, you MUST remove them yourself.
  • CONCERNING MOVING YOUR STOVE: You may also want to remove the stove if you want the sides of the cabinets around it to be painted. If you remove the stove from the work area, it must be completely removed from the work area (i.e. the room where we are refinishing or refacing). If the stove has been pulled out into the work area and left, we will not be able to start your job on the expected date. 
  • CONCERNING NEW HANDLES: We need to know BEFORE WE REMOVE YOUR DOORS TO START THE JOB as we may need to fill old holes or drill new ones.
  • Please keep all pets and small children away from the work area. Although we love both children and animals, we don’t want their prints on your cabinets as permanent reminders of their presence!
  • DO NOT SCHEDULE anyone else to work in the space we are working (i.e. Kitchen, Bathroom, etc.) during the week we are scheduled to work. If you do, then we may have to reschedule with you.

After We Leave…

  • CONCERNING AFTER CARE AND CURING TIMES: Your cabinets should be fully cured in 21 days after the job is done. During this time, the surface will be vulnerable. Here are things you can do to help the paint cure properly.
    • Be mindful of pets and small children that may accidentally scratch or damage the surface.
    • Be mindful of other work being done in your home which may accidentally damage the surface.
    • Please try not to clean or wash your cabinets during the curing time, unless you absolutely have to. TOO MUCH WATER can damage the surface during the curing time. If you must clean them, please ONLY USE a DAMP (NOT TOO WET) CLOTH and a MILD DETERGENT and GENTLY WIPE OFF any spots. DO NOT SCRUB OR USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS.
    • AFTER THE CURING PERIOD: Please continue to treat the surfaces with care and use ONLY A MILD DETERGENT. DO NOT SCRUB OR USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS.
  • We DO NOT warranty chips, scratches or peeling on thermofoil side panels.
  • Oak cabinets and doors are very grainy, the grain will come though in spots and we CANNOT correct this. You will also see waviness behind the color.

Important Information

This document covers important information you need to know for the cabinet refinishing (resurfacing) and refacing services. If you contracted us for other services, and want to read those important information documents, please let us know and we will provide them to you.

Preparing For Your Project

  • We want to make sure you are prepared before we begin your project. Please make sure you have read through the statement in the “Before We Arrive” and “After We Leave” sections as they have important information in them. We will also email you seven (7) days prior to the scheduled start week of your project and send a reminder email the day before.
  • Cabinet RX, LLC is not a licensed plumber or electrician and, therefore, cannot accept liability over any appliances (including moving them), electronics, or plumbing. It is suggested to have your appliances removed from the kitchen prior to us arriving. You are NOT REQUIRED to move the appliances, and if they are not moved, we will tape them in place.
  • We will refund your deposit if notice is given within 3 days of receiving your deposit. Deposits which are processed will be issued via a check and are issued twice a month, on the 15th and the 30th (or last day of February). We will credit your deposit towards services provided by CabinetRX, LLC at any date in the future if notice is given after the 3 days. If you cancel a job scheduled within a 7 day period from the date you get us your deposit, a refund will not be issued for that deposit as supplies and resources have already been allocated for that job.
  • Please keep all pets and small children away from the work area. Although we love both children and animals, we do not want their prints on your cabinets as permanent reminders of their presence.
  • As of 1/25/2024, all credit and debit card payments will incur a fee of 4%.  To avoid this fee, please pay by check.
  • The standard paint colors we work with are Sherwin Williams brand colors. Any color that is not from the Sherwin Williams brand would be considered a custom paint color. We CAN ABSOLUTELY work with you on a custom paint color. However, this will incur an extra cost and we will need to know ASAP if you are wanting to go that route so that we can communicate the process to you.
  • REGARDING MULTIPLE COLORS: If you are wanting two (or more) colors for your project, please let us know ASAP. We need to have time to order the other color(s) and there will be an additional charge for this. Also, we will need to know where you intend for the other color(s) to go, as we CANNOT use two colors on any area where the wood is touching (such as a built-in hutch).
  • DO NOT SCHEDULE anyone else to work in the space we are working (i.e. Kitchen, Bathroom, etc.) during the week we are scheduled to work. If you do, then we may have to reschedule with you.
  • FOR CABINET RESURFACING (REFINISHING): If you are replacing your knobs, handles, and/or hinges, we need to know BEFORE WE REMOVE YOUR DOORS TO START THE JOB as we may need to fill old holes or drill new ones. If we have to drill and/or fill holes, a charge will be incurred. If you buy your handles from us, then we will waive the drilling holes fee. There is always a charge to fill old handle, knob, or pull holes (if they differ from the new holes). In addition, any filling we do of those holes is not guaranteed to look “perfect” due to natural shrinkage of putty.
  • FOR CABINET REFACING: A charge will be incurred to drill holes for new handles, knobs, or pulls on new doors, unless you buy those new handles, knobs, or pulls from us. Please see the note on your estimate or invoice for an accurate amount of what we charge.
  • FOR CABINET RESURFACING (REFINISHING): If you’re trying to replace older hinges with ones that match, those can be hard to find and you may need to allow more time to find them. Regardless of when your hinges come in, payment will still be due on the day we come to install your doors. See below in the “During Your Project” section for more information on when the final payment is due.
  • FOR CABINET REFACING: If you want glass in your new cabinet doors, we will refer you to a company which you will work with directly. We take no part in the discussion that you have with that company. We will, however, drop off your doors for the glass to be installed, and pick them up when they’re done, so we can finish installing the doors. If you use a company you choose, then you will need to coordinate getting the doors to them for installation of the glass and picking them up after we spray your new doors. We will add to our final invoice, the charge for the glass installation by the company we recommend.
  • We WILL NOT spray decorative wood panels (with a wood grain look) on your refrigerator and/or dishwasher unless they are taken off by you (the customer) ahead of time. If you want those sprayed, please remove them ahead of when we arrive to begin your job. We will then take them to our warehouse, spray them, and bring them back for you to re-install yourself.
  • FOR CUSTOM PANELS AND WRAPS: If there are electric outlets where we are installing custom panels or wraps on your island or penninsula that you want access to after the job is done, please have an electrician or someone come out, turn off the power, and pull out the box so that it’s not covered by the new wrap or panel. You will also need to let us know you want to save that outlet prior to install. We’re not responsible if you do not inform us of this need.
  • FOR CABINET REFACING IF YOU’RE ORDERING FLAT “EDGE PULL” HANDLES (like these): Please let us know BEFORE WE TAKE MEASUREMENTS FOR YOUR NEW DOORS if you want to use these type of handles. We have to adjust the way we make our doors to accommodate them.
  • FOR STAINING ON CABINET REFACING: The customer is responsible for getting us a stain color they want to use or providing us with a physical sample of the stain to match. WE CANNOT MATCH STAIN COLORS FROM A PHOTO.

Possible Delays To Your Project

We base the timeline of your project on many factors, including the agreed upon work. We try our best to make sure we adhere to that timeline. Here are some things that might delay your project or cause us to reschedule in order to keep our promise to you and our other customers.

  • If additional work is added to the agreed upon work.
  • If we need to spray a new color other than the agreed upon one.
  • If unforeseen circumstances happen such as a product not arriving on time.
  • If you do not get your color to us in time or you choose to go with a custom color.

During Your Project

  • It is in the interest of our customers to be available in order for us to quickly attend to any adjustments or requests prior to completion. This does not mean physically present, just easily able to be reached.
  • It is in the interest of our customers to be present in order for us to quickly attend to any adjustments or requests prior to completion.
  • We are not able to guarantee the pre-existing condition of any wallpaper or painted surfaces in or around your job site including on trim. The necessity of our crews needing to use tape to prevent over-spray on your surfaces creates a risk that the underlying paint or wallpaper may be pulled off while removing the tape. We will offer to touch up any painted walls or trim as long as you have the touch up paint available during your scheduled job week, but we CANNOT REPAIR OR REPLACE any of your wallpaper. If you do not have the touch up paint available, then you agree to release CabinetRX, LLC from liability concerning this.
  • We are not able to guarantee the pre-existing condition of the clear coat on any flooring or trim in or around your job site. The necessity of our crews needing to use tape to prevent over-spray on your flooring creates a risk that the clear coating on flooring may be pulled off, especially if that clear coating is older or has already been damaged. WE WILL NOT fix the clear coating if it comes off.
  • We take every precaution to prevent over-spray onto existing paint. If it occurs, however, we will gladly touch up the paint, provided you still have the color available.
  • We take as many precautions as possible to prevent primer and paint dust from getting in the home, but there could still be some at the end of the process.
  • Oak cabinets and doors are very grainy. The grain can come though in spots and we CANNOT always correct this. You will also see the waviness of the grain behind the color.
  • FOR CABINET RESURFACING (REFINISHING): where we install the existing doors with existing hinges, we CANNOT fix issues with warped doors, how the door is situated, or issues with hinges. We will also use the same screw holes to reinstall the doors with existing hinges. We CANNOT fix any existing issues with those screw holes.
  • FOR CABINET REFACING: where we have to create door(s) with smaller dimensions and the cabinets have hinges visible from the outside, the previous hinge indentation may be visible as we CANNOT fill in that indentation.
  • FOR CABINET REFACING: if you have doors with outside hinges where the screw puckers the wood, we will fill that hole, but not sand it down. That will not be visible from the outside, as we oversize our doors when we make them.
  • The final payment for your job is due the day that your project is completed and will include SALES TAX, as required by Iowa state law. The final bill may also include extra charges incurred due to extra work added during the project. The handles, knobs and hinges are the responsibility of you (the client). If they are not present on the day of installation, the FULL remaining balance will still be expected on that day. If you scheduled your job for a week when you are on vacation or out of town, then we only require 90%of the final balance due. We will collect the remaining 10% when you return and have had a chance to review the work performed.
  • If the knobs, handles, and/or hinges are not present on the day of installation and we have to schedule another time to come out and finish installation, additional charges will be applied to the final bill to complete the work. In addition, if the hinges require extra work to install, there will be an additional charge applied to the final bill.

After Your Project

  • Your surfaces may be vulnerable for up to 21 days after we leave. Please continue to keep pets and small children away from cabinet surfaces during that time.
  • Your cabinet surfaces will continue to CURE after we leave. The surface sheen will reach its permanent beauty in about ten to 14 days. The finish will continue to harden and reach full cure in about 21 days. Please try not to clean or wash your cabinets for the first two (2) weeks after job completion, as this could damage the finish. Gently wipe off any spots with a clean, damp cloth as needed. Do not scrub or use abrasive cleaners. Clean cabinets with warm water and a little dawn soap or other mild dishwashing liquid after the 21 days.
  • Please be aware extra moisture around areas around such as sinks can cause water to pool along the tops and seams of doors and drawer fronts, which may get under the paint and cause cracks and flaking. We cannot guarantee that this will not happen. Please take extra care during those first 21 days to prevent this from happening.

Scope of Work

  • You authorize that CABINET RX LLC will perform the invoiced work exactly as stated and any change to that work, must be verified in writing and agreed to by you and CABINET RX LLC or must be verbally agreed upon between you and Carl Sanders, the owner.
  • Payment for each invoice will be due once the work that is specified in that invoice is completed.

Warranty & Considerations

  • We offer a 30 day warranty on installed hardware including for new doors, drawers, and any additional items.
  • If your doors peel, crack or chip within the first year, let us know. We will have you bring your doors to us for repair at no cost (provided we still have your color available). We will keep the the full 21 days (after we respray) to make sure that they cure properly. We will then let you know when they are ready to pick up. If the color’s not available, there will be a charge.
  • We DO NOT warranty chips, scratches, or peeling on Thermofoil side panels.
  • We WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT caulk door panel seams, because they are made to flex and they will crack.
  • If you would like us to caulk your side panel seams or other areas (not including your cabinet doors seams), you MUST READ AND AGREE to the terms for that below by checking the check boxes. Please let us know if you wish to have other areas caulked.
  • If you are doing or having work done which requires tape to be put on the cabinets (such as taping an area off for painting), we recommend using pg29 (low tack) tape. Other tapes may affect the finish of the cabinets. Pg29 tap can be purchased at Sherwin Williams.
  • If you have work done on your countertops or backsplash where silicone or a product like silicone gets transferred to the cabinets, our product will not adhere to it. We will not remove the silicone.
  • The seam between the inside door panel and the door frame may or may not have paint in it. The paint can sag as a natural part of the paint drying process, and it may or may not completely fill those areas. We CANNOT control any gaps in the paint that happen in that area due to paint drying times. We also CANNOT guarantee that the paint in those seams will not crack over time due to natural panel flexing. If this happens, we may not be able to fix it.
  • Paint can also crack along the seam between the stiles and the rails (the outside frame of the door). If this happens, we may not be able to fix it, and it’s not covered under our warranty.
  • Our hand-made 5-piece doors, have seams that could show over time where the wood comes together. Sometimes the seam line will show even through paint. This is more likely to happen as the doors age. We DO NOT provide a warranty for this, as there’s no way to fully prevent it.
  • If you do any repair work to your own cabinets, including filling old handle holes or drilling holes for new handles, we will not correct any problems created by your work for free. And we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix those problems.
  • We CANNOT GUARANTEE that the paint on the cabinets around the stove area will not peel, due to heat and moisture in that area.
  • We DO NOT warranty the painting inside of cabinets due to heavy usage and moisture concerns.
  • We DO NOT spray the tops of your cabinets.
  • We DO NOT PROVIDE A WARRANTY for the paint on frames. WE DO provide touch-up paint for you to touch those areas up yourself.
  • Our WARRANTY does not cover damage done to our work if it’s made by someone else.
  • ANY WARRANTY listed in this document starts on the day the work is completed, and does not restart with any warranty work that we perform.
  • If there is a remaining balance due on the work that was completed, ANY WARRANTY listed in this document will be void until that balance has been paid.
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